CM Punk: If Vince McMahon's Apology Was Sincere, It Wouldn't Have Been a PR Stunt

Ryan Glasspiegel

CM Punk returned to Colt Cabana’s podcast, and addressed Vince McMahon’s long interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin from Monday night. It did not especially sound like the wrestler accepted Vince’s explanation (or apology) that it was a coincidence that he was fired on his wedding day. Around the 56-minute mark:

I don’t want to hear, oh it was a coincidence. I don’t want to hear, oh the lawyers didn’t talk to talent relations. I talked to Hunter [Triple H] on the 11th. On the 13th, FedEx’ed — overnight — I got a document that was dated the 12th. My wife asked for that time off so she could get married and go on her honeymoon. The weekend after her honeymoon she was back on TV. You know what I mean? They knew.

If the apology was sincere, you wouldn’t use it as a publicity stunt on Austin’s podcast. You have my phone number. You have my address. You could text, you could call, you could show up when you’re a 10-minute fucking drive from my house and apologize to me like a man. That’s the fucking reality of it.

He addressed it again about 10 minutes later. “I appreciate the sentiment, but that was not a sincere apology,” Punk said. “He knew about it since June. Why didn’t he apologize since then if he really felt bad about it? He just wanted to make sure a TV camera was on him so he could do damage control.”

Regarding aspects of Punk’s podcast last week — namely allegations that WWE doctors and administration improperly handled head and body injuries — Grantland’s Masked Man makes some salient points about the need for unionization.

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