Cleveland News Station Dominating the Johnny Manziel-Not-Answering-His-Door Beat


ABC’s local Cleveland affiliate, WEWS, is on “Manziel Watch.” What they expect or hope to get out of Manziel Watch is a mystery. On Tuesday, they sent a reporter out to Avon to ask random people on the street if they’d seen the Browns quarterback. Being complete strangers, none of them could offer any answers.

So they went “straight to the source” and knocked on Manziel’s door. One of his friends – or actually, that might be Manziel with a goatee – answer the door and explained that Johnny Football was on the phone. Manziel did not come out to speak with reporter Megan Hickey.

So Hickey got back in her car where she called and messaged Manziel from the parking lot of a nearby Pier One. No luck. So it was back to the streets for concerned citizen hot takes about Manziel needing a moral upgrade and then back to the studio.

Obviously, this story resonated with viewers, but since Hickey couldn’t get results, the station turned to veteran reporter Kirsten Volk who had been with the station since 2012 and knew the system.

Volk went back to the Manziel compound and got what anchor Dhomonique Ricks called “something interesting.” What was that something interesting? Volk heard “guys’ voices” inside the home.

Amazingly when she knocked on the door – three times in case you were wondering – the voices went silent and no one answered. Also, there was no commotion. (NONE!) Just the chilling specter of a bored reporter getting silently no-comment’d through a glass door with a sheet on it.

Volk then called Manziel and left him a message. No response.

Then she texted him. No response.

Then she called his agent. No response.

And his marketing firm. No response.

Did we mention the doorbell? She rang it before calling and texting. Here’s proof:

Nobody was talking. So she sat there. For the better part of her day.

"“Four hours later and still no one has come out here.”"

How long can Manziel possibly stayed holed up in there? Come out Johnny! You can’t hide from the reporters of newsnet5 Cleveland forever. And when you do finally crawl out from your cozy lair they’ll be waiting. And they’ll ask you if you were in Las Vegas last weekend. And you’ll have no choice but to continue ignoring them or say “no comment” as you walk to your car, get in your car, and drive away.

Stay tuned for Manziel Watch: Day 3. Back to you in the studio, random local news anchor.