Cleveland Browns Fans Had a Wild Brawl in the Muni Lot Ahead of the Home Opener

Browns fans brawl
Browns fans brawl /

The Cleveland Browns beat the Houston Texans, 31-21, in their home opener following a loss to the Kansas Chiefs in week 1. To say the fans were ready is an understatement. Here's one fight that turned into an all-out brawl featuring a lot of people who had nothing to do with the original confrontation.

The first two guys obviously watched a lot of UFC based on the the goofy stances as they faced off. That fight went one way and then the other and that's when some strangers made the mistake of trying to separate the two. That's when things go off the rails. People come in from everywhere and the fights spill into a birthday tailgate setup which was destroyed. Think of the snack foods and cake.

Of course, the real stars of the video are the guy recording the video who knows the video is going to go viral and his friend who wonders why Browns fans are fighting Browns fans. They both made great points.