Mike Florio, Jason Whitlock, and Clay Travis Got Into It on Twitter

PFT vs. Clay Travis
PFT vs. Clay Travis /

Saturday brought unexpected sports media conflict as Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio faced off with Outkick the Coverage's Jason Whitlock and Clay Travis on Saturday afternoon. It started on Friday night, when Whitlock called out Florio in a tweet mentioning he had never mentioned Juneteenth on the PFT account before, and noted he had "never hired a black man." Florio responded, saying he asked if Whitlock would write a column for PFT, but Whitlock said he couldn't afford him. Things escalated from there.

Florio did not tweet this directly to Whitlock, but it is not hard to connect the dots.

All that led to Travis and Outkick publishing an article about how Whitlock "decapitated 'woke' loser" Florio. Florio did not take kindly to the headline, beginning a war of words between himself and Travis.

Whitlock hopped back in the ring near the end.

Then Travis swooped in for one final shot (for now).

Woof. I'll let you decide who is right and who is wrong here, but I think we can all agree this ran for a little longer than it should have. Such a public airing of grievances rarely goes well. I would also like to note that it is hard to understand the impact of calling someone a "'woke' loser," but I digress.

Sports media feuds. How about 'em?