Clay Matthews' Agent Got Huffy-Puffy About an Adam Schefter Tweet

Clay Matthews wants to play.
Clay Matthews wants to play. / Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

In the NFL, privacy doesn't exist. If players running around in skin-tight spandex at the NFL Combine doesn't convince you of that fact, perhaps Matt Stafford and Ezekiel Elliott being publicly outed for testing positive for COVID (and Stafford didn't even have it) will.

For some reason, Clay Matthews' agent, Ryan Williams, didn't get the memo because after Adam Schefter tweeted (sloppily I might add) that Matthews turned down an offer from the Denver Broncos to play for them, Williams released the following statement.

Before we get to the sophomoric mention of thinking things would remain private, here's Schefter's two tweets on the subject.

First of all, Schefter has to own the fact that his first tweet makes it sound like Matthews is closer to retiring than playing. Saying someone is "not going to play" makes it sound like just that, they're done. It wasn't until Williams made his statement that Schefter clarified his original tweet. However, Williams thinking anything is private between Schefter and the Broncos is laughable.

Schefter is the most well-connected NFL insider in the game today. That networking started with the Broncos, who Schefter covered for the Denver Post. Thinking Schefter wasn't going to hear about a player with as big of a name as Matthews speaking with the Broncos following the injury to Von Miller isn't realistic. That's Schefter's job and he's damn good at it.

Now, should Schefter have worded his original tweet more clearly? Yes. He holds a lot of weight in the NFL and miscues like this can send the wrong message to millions of people. Still, an NFL agent saying he's upset a piece of news was leaked to Schefter from the team he's most connected with made me laugh a little so I felt the need to blog about it. Enjoy!