Clay Harbor Injured Wrist in "Bachelorette" Football Game, Needed Surgery


Free agent tight end Clay Harbor injured himself in a very silly and completely unnecessary football game while filming The Bachelorette. The incident occurred months ago and the episode aired last night. Harbor, who hurt himself stiff-arming some other suitor, says he’s ready to go after undergoing surgery and a lengthy rehab.

If you’re thinking, “hey, it must be a bit embarassing to get injured playing football against a bunch of non-football players on a dating show,” then yes, you are 100 percent correct. Although it should be pointed out that Harbor was in a tough spot here. He didn’t really try for most of the game, then got serious for crunch time, taking a quarterback delay to house for a touchdown.

That’s when he got hurt. The lesson, as always: don’t try. Ever.

Harbor later took himself out of the rose competition so he could address his health situation. A very painful break — and breakup indeed!

Look, I try not to judge but this an all-time bad look for a pro athlete on a reality show. Outside of wide receiver Colton Underwood, who has admitted he’s a virgin and had to navigate a previous relationship with a previous Bachelor contestant this season.

That guy is just torpedoing his legacy at an astounding pace.

Oh, and it’s not totally related, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t post the fine touchdown pass reeled in by Pro Football Focus’ Mike Renner. One of the most athletic things a glorified blogger has done in a long, long time and he didn’t injure his typing hand doing it.

[Videos via The Ringer]