Baby Announcement Sparks Weird and Wrong C.J. Stroud Rumors

Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Future generations may wonder what the internet was like in 2023 if they aren't too busy being trapped in or thoroughly enjoying The Singularity. And though there's countless avenues to travel in search of an answer, the one provided in the Ohio State/college football sphere this morning gives a helpful snap shot.

Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud had not yet declared his intentions for next year even though everyone recognizes him as one of the top two or three quarterbacks in the assorted mock drafts. An information desert breeds speculation which was vaulted into hyperspeed when Brian Schottenstein, founder of OSU-focused NIL Collective The Foundation, tweeted, "Got some big news today."

People took this to mean that Stroud could potentially return and the rumor mill started churning. Takes came a-flowin'. On the Buckeyes. On the sport. On what NIL means to us, as a society. On the impacts of the NFL draft. Even though Schottenstein explicitly said on Friday night that there was no chance of Stroud staying in Columbus.

A few hours later Schottenstein revealed the "big news." He and his wife are expecting a baby girl and Cardale Jones was involved in the gender reveal.

Yes. Fantastic stuff. A tremendous waste of time and energy for everyone. Except Schottenstein who gets to enjoy the unique and impossible to describe joy of having a child. Of course, a man announcing he was about to embark on one of life's great adventures was spun into a negative.

Anyway, Stroud is going pro. Congratulations to everyone mentioned in this post.