Cinnamon Toast Crunch Mascot Living Its Best Life at Mets-Marlins Game


The Mets raced by the Marlins in Miami on Tuesday night, 9-4. Since no one wants to win the National League East, it may prove to be an important result if the Thumbs Down enthusiasts can find a way to a season-ending winning streak and subsequent playoff berth. For now, though, the most impactful thing to come out out of the proceedings is the emergence of a new viral fan seated behind home plate.

A big, goofy Cinnamon Crunch mascot. Viral marketing? Probably. Kinda dumb? Yep. But still, look at this thing.

The living room television in my home happened to come across this on FS1 and, let me tell you, this may be the most surefire way for Major League Baseball to attract young fans. My kids absolutely loved it. And by loved it I mean they could stomach watching about five or six pitches before moving on to something else.

If a giant CTC-lookin' thing wasn't exciting enough on its own, it appears there was a meeting of minds with Miami's No. 1 fan, Marlins Man. Name a more iconic duo. If there isn't some sort of roadtrip movie starring these two in 18 months then, well, Hollywood has truly lost its way.

If the Marlins are smart they'll begin to rotate in beloved cereal mascots in behind the dish on a nightly basis. Tell me you wouldn't be locked into Lucky Charms night or Cookie Crisp night or Captain Crunch night. Exciting new opportunity for a franchise constantly looking for an edge.