Giants Tackle Evan Neal Didn't Try to Block As Daniel Jones Got Sacked Again by the Dolphins

New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins hosted the New York Giants in Week 5. The Dolphins were coming off a big loss to the Buffalo Bills while the Giants were coming off an embarassing loss to the Seattle Seahawks where Daniel Jones was sacked 10 times. Things got off ot a similar start against the Dolphins as Jones was sacked three times early in the game. And the offensive line was to blame for at least one of them.

As you can see on this play late in the first quarter, three Dolphins met at Jones in the backfield. So it wouldn't be outrageous to say it was a complete meltdown by the line, but if you look at a replay from another angle you'll see that right tackle Evan Neal didn't even attempt to block anyone on the edge.

Christian Wilkins and Bradley Chubb were credited with the sack and Emmanuel Ogbah was the the guy who ran around the spot where Neal probably should have been trying to put up some kind of resistance. He was regrettably late to the party. Maybe this was supposed to be a screen pass, but man does it look bad. Especially as your quarterback gets sacked again and again and again.

The Giants might want to look into the whole blocking for the quarterback thing as the season progresses.