Christian Eriksen Collapses On Field During Denmark-Finland Eurocup Match [UPDATE]

Liam McKeone
Christian Eriksen
Christian Eriksen / FEDERICO GAMBARINI/Getty Images

A scary scene occurred during the opening round of the Eurocup group stage today. Denmark and Finland were battling it out when Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed on the field. CPR had to be performed by doctors on the pitch.

Eriksen's teammates crowded around him to block the view of the cameras while he was on the ground.

Eriksen is a 29-year-old attacking midfielder who plays for Inter Milan when he isn't participating in national team activities. He's scored three goals in 26 appearances in Serie A with Milan this season.

A terrifying situation for Eriksen. Here's to hoping he'll be okay. We'll update when further information becomes available.

UPDATE: The match has been suspended while Eriksen continues to receive treatment. He was stretchered off the field.

UPDATE 2: Eriksen was conscious and raised his hand when getting taken off the field, which is a great sign for his health.

UPDATE 3: Eriksen was taken to the hospital and is stable. Excellent news after an absolutely terrifying scene.

UPDATE 4: The Denmark-Finland match will resume at 2:30 p.m. ET.