Chris Webber Confused Ron Burgundy and Ron Jeremy While Announcing a Summer League Game

Stephen Douglas

The Las Vegas leg of the NBA Summer League is in full swing right now and NBATV has real, live announcers there to pretend they’re broadcasting something besides some very sloppy, high-level pickup ball. I’m just kidding. No one pretends this is anything besides sloppy, high-level pickup ball. During Saturday’s Houston-Washington game, Chris Webber made an Anchorman reference (with material that fresh, he could write for Grantland!), but mixed up Ron Burgundy with porn star/celebrity hedgehog, Ron Jeremy.

This is met with a few seconds of awkward silence before Webber corrects himself and the broadcast team basically dies laughing. It is the funniest thing you’ll see come out of Summer League. A close second is whenever Thomas Robinson gets a defensive rebound and attempts to dribble the ball up the court before a guard runs up behind him and steals the ball.

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