Chris Sununu Calls Donald Trump 'A Coward'


Hours before the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary, the state's governor Chris Sununu called front-runner Donald Trump a coward live on Fox News. The wildly-popular governor is a moderate and Trump critic who the former president has railed against for years. Sununu fired back on Tuesday.

During an appearance on Harris Faulkner's show, Sununu stumped against Trump. Faulkner then said she would want to see the governor debate the former president, to which Sununu said, "I would pay to do that if that coward would get on the stage with anybody." Faulkner said, "No name-calling. We don't do name-calling" to which Sununu replied, "No, he's a coward."

Here's video:

I do find it funny that Faulkner, who has long supported Trump, is suddenly against politicians calling people names. Hilarious. Sununu supported Trump in the 2016 election, and voted for him in 2020, but abandoned him to support Nikki Haley this time around.

Sununu comes from a long line of moderate-ish Republicans. His father, John Sununu was governor of New Hampshire from January of 1983 until January of 1989 and White House chief of staff for George H. Bush from January 1989 until December 1991. His brother John E. Sununu was a member of Congress from 1997 to 2003, then a senator from 2003 until 2009. So, yeah, the Sununus are a deeply-embedded political family in New Hampshire.