Media Beef: Chris Simms and the 'SportsCenter' Instagram Account

Nick Cammett/GettyImages

Sports are great because they allow thousands of people to get paid to predict what cannot be predicted. Chris Simms is one of them and he, like everyone else who does the job, cannot be right about everything all the time. Not too long ago he was on PFT Live and said the following about the injured Jalen Hurts: “There’s just no way he’s more valuable to his team than Mahomes, Burrow, or Allen. Those teams are not the same teams if they don’t have them at quarterback. If you put Gardner Minshew (in for) the Eagles, they’d still be really damn good.”

Obviously the Eagles have not been really damn good with Minshew. And obviously people lurched at the opportunity to dunk on him, including the SportsCenter Instagram account. Apparently multiple times.

Now, the SportsCenter social channels have problems to the degree it makes a person ask "who did this fam" with bulging eyeball emojis. It's also probably true that few people have had more pointed words for the account than Simms, who wore out the bleep button.

"F--k you, SportsCenter Instagram for putting it out for the third time in three weeks," Simms said. "Like, f--k off. Like, really f--k off, ESPN SportsCenter."

Simms went on to add one more eff off for good measure and explained that stuff like this is why he hates social media.

"Do they not make content over there anymore," he continued. "I mean, damn, stop jocking me, ESPN. Holy sh-t. Give me a piece of your check. Invite me on SportsCenter and let's have a f--king conversation."

That invite may not be coming.

Underneath the ridiculousness of it all, Simms has a valid point. He's refined his take based on getting more information. If SC IG has a weird kink about shaming him for something he's already sort of addressed that's something they should work out on their own time. On the other hand, if you're beefing with an Instagram account that tailors its content for the dimmest person in a freshman recitation, it's a good sign you're not winning.

I hereby challenge SportsCenter to drum up one of my bad opinions and use it for engagement. Let's see if we can set a record low in audience interest.