Chris Simms Is At it Again, Ranking Najee Harris Way Too Low in Draft

Chris Simms smiling at the haters.
Chris Simms smiling at the haters. / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Heads up to all the Najee Harris truthers out there. Your No. 1 enemy has revealed himself. To no one's surprise, that man is noted antagonist Chris Simms.

Simms, the man who currently has Zach Wilson ranked over Trevor Lawrence, ranked Harris No. 4 in his NFL Draft running back hierarchy. Simms has Clemson RB Travis Etienne No. 1, North Carolina RB Michael Carter No. 2 and Louisville RB Javian Hawkins No. 3. Hmm.

While there is some debate about who will be better between Etienne and Harris, no other draft expert this scribe has seen ranks Harris any lower than two. Most have him as the top back.

In Mel Kiper's latest mock draft, he has Harris being drafted in the first round by the Steelers and Etienne going in the second round to the Jets. Javonte Williams is mocked to the Dolphins with the No. 36 pick. Carter and Hawkins aren't mocked in the first two rounds. Hmm.

It's no surprise for Simms to produce a controversial ranking. Basically no one besides Simms has Wilson above Lawrence. Simms does have a track record of successfully projecting who the best quarterback will be in past drafts. But do we really think the former quarterback can evaluate the running back position as well?

Simms' reasoning for ranking Harris so low is that he believes Harris was the beneficiary of an outstanding offensive line at Alabama, has below-average speed and power (LOL) and his acceleration is lacking too. He said Harris has great feet, great side-to-side movement and is an outstanding pass catcher. But Simms projects Harris to be a top-tier No. 2 back in the NFL, not a true No. 1. Hmm.

That's an interesting take considering Harris rushed for over 2,600 yards and 39 touchdowns the last two seasons. Not to mention the 700-plus receiving yards and 11 touchdowns he hauled in. Plus he's 6-2, 230 pounds. Guess that's not powerful enough for Simms.

As I said, Simms has been right on quarterbacks before. But ranking Harris below Carter and Hawkins is a stretch at best. Even if you think Harris is a top No. 2 back, that means you think Carter and Hawkins are No. 1s. Neither are expected to be selected in the first two days of the draft. Hmm.

Maybe Simms knows something every other draft analyst doesn't. But let's save these receipts just in case.