Chris Simms Reveals His Crazy Mock Draft

Chris Simms
Chris Simms / Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Look at the face of the man in that cover photo. Do you trust him to provide an honest mock draft? Hell no! Chris Simms isn't here to live in reality. He's here to make you want to rip your hair out of head and throw it at the TV as you yell obscenities at the man who just sent your heart into a tumble dry spin cycle with the heat turned all the way up.

Case in point, his 2021 NFL mock draft.

Things start out pretty normal. Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson, who Simms thinks is better than Lawrence, go 1-2. Everything remains stock until we get to No. 8, where Simms has Washington moving up to pick Trey Lance. Ok, not too crazy. A lot of people are speculating a team will move up to get a quarterback. Fair enough.

The weird stuff starts happening at No. 11, where Simms projects the Patriots to move up and select Alabama wide receiver Jaylen Waddle. Unsure what Simms has the Patriots giving up to move into the Giants' pick, but seems like a weird place to pick a wide receiver when there's still a top-flight quarterback on the board.

Speaking of Justin Fields, I keep looking for him in the top 20 picks and can't find him. Not in the Top 30 either. It isn't until 32 that Simms has Fields being selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Wait, did you just say Tampa Bay Bucs? Doesn't Tom Brady play there? Wasn't Brady pissed when the Patriots drafted Jimmy Garoppolo and reportedly encouraged them to trade Garoppolo? But now the Bucs are going to draft Brady's replacement and things will be fine? Sorry Simmsy, not buying it.

Fields isn't falling to the No. 32 pick and the Bucs aren't drafting Brady's replacement in the first round. Nope. Not happening.

As for the Trey Lance trade, the 49ers already set an extremely high cost to move up in this year's draft when they gave up the No. 12 pick this year, a first- and third-round pick in 2022 and a first-round pick in 2023 to move up to the No. 3 pick. What would Washington have to give up to move to No. 8 from 19? Likely a similar haul.

Listen, I'm not going to give this mock any credence because it's a bit too crazy for reality. But, oh crap, I just wrote a whole damn story about this! I'm in the spin cycle people. Someone please fluff and fold me when done.