Chris Sale Mourning Clubhouse Loss of LaRoche Family Very Seriously


Chris Sale is very upset about this whole Adam LaRoche situation. Sale has gone so far as to build a memorial to remember his fallen teammate and his fallen teammate’s fallen son. Did I say fallen? That’s not the right word. Both Adam LaRoche and Drake LaRoche are both completely fine, just a little upset that they can’t hang out together 24/7. Before you say, “Well, that seems unreasonable,” here’s what Sale had to say about the situation.

Of course, Williams disagrees.

Still, no matter who is telling the truth here, apparently LaRoche’s contract will have the final word.

So… the White Sox gave a 2-year $25 million deal to a declining 35-year old first baseman. And apparently that wasn’t enough so they wrote into his contract that his kid could hang around for an undetermined amount of time? That makes the White Sox look even dumber in this situation. Obviously, we’ll need to know the exact wording of the contract before passing judgement on either party. Just kidding – they all look like babies.