Chris Sale Allegedly Tried to Get into Royals' Clubhouse to Fight Yordano Ventura After Ejection

By Jason Lisk

Chris Sale was in the middle of the fracas/melee/brouhaha last night between the Royals and White Sox, and was one of five players ejected from the game. Sale had hit the Royals’ Mike Moustakas with a pitch up and in a few innings earlier, and so he was a little testy (along with fellow starter Jeff Samardzija) when the situation escalated after Yordano Ventura’s stare-down and exchange with Adam Eaton.

That fighting spirit may have carried over after the ejection.

Bukaty works for 810 Sports Radio in Kansas City, and has worked on Royals’ broadcasts (and also on the Sporting KC broadcasts this year).

Something similar was rumored last night on Reddit. Less than a half-hour after the brawl ended, and before the game was even over, there was reference that Sale had tried to get into the visitor’s clubhouse.

Let’s get our heads together, guys. Yordano Ventura is the Royals’ best starting pitcher. He needs to be in the games and not suspended. Chris Sale is the ace of the White Sox staff, and being in the middle of a brawl to the point of being one of the players ejected, and then, maybe, being dumb enough to go after players after that, is stupid. Like, it doesn’t even register on a scale of 1 to 10 on the dumbness scale. It’s probably a number higher than the number of wins the Knicks had this year. Just sayin’, Mr. Sale.

Looks like Joe Torre will be busy sorting through all the silliness with this one.


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