Chris Russo Tried to Juggle Watching Golf and Bathtime, Flew to Close to the Sun Like Icarus

Kyle Koster

Mike and the Mad Dog broadcasted live from a golf course at some point before high-definition broadcasts became standard. At that time, the show was simulcast on YES Network, meaning we thankfully have archived video to go with the timeless audio of Chris "Mad Dog" Russo delivering a spiritual precursor to Parent Corner.

Russo found himself in the classic dad predicament: the Sunday golf was going to a playoff but it was also bath night for the kids. Anyone who has encountered such a pickle knows there are no best choices, only better choices. You're either in place to watch crucial approach shots or you're doing something stupid, like bathing your offspring, who usually put up a massive stink about the great un-stinking. That's part of the reason we average one bath per every 2.2 days around here, which I share only to make others who have mildly given up feel better about their own defeat.

Anyway, Russo launches into how he tried to have his cake and eat it too, only to end up dipping one of his children into a pool of boiling-hot water. It is every bit as enjoyable as you'd expect. Thanks to Jimmy Traina for putting it back into circulation.

And if you're wondering if Russo had any regrets, the answer is yes. He couldn't even find the golf after that whole ordeal!

Incredible stuff. Imagine rushing through a traumatizing event that will never be forgotten only to discover America's Funniest Home Videos on your television. Nothing funny about that.

Side note: does anyone remember America's Funniest People? Aren't we due for a full-length motion picture built around Dave Couiler's Jackalope character? Who do we know that can get that green-lit?