Chris Paul Is Much Better At Basketball Than Family Feud


Chris Paul was on Family Feud yesterday and by all accounts, it was not pretty. The Paul family lost to the O’Hara family, 358-70. CP3 doesn’t look impressive giving any of his answers in this clip put together by Daily Thunder. Combine this loss with the Hornets playoff loss to the Lakers in April and people have to start wondering if you can truly win with Chris Paul. Of course, you can’t pin all the blame on Paul. I’d like to see him with a better supporting cast than C.J. and Robin. The only answer? Go on Family Double Dare with Dwight Howard’s family. Make it happen, Mark Summers!

It should also be noted that you don’t hear much from the O’Hara family, but judging by the main female’s pronunciation of car (“caaah”), Chris Paul’s family may have been matched up against the Real Housewives of South Boston. No wonder they knew what to break when they caught their men cheating.

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