Chris Paul, Daryl Morey Refute Reports of Turmoil Within Rockets Organization


Earlier on Tuesday, the NBA world reacted to reports that Chris Paul and James Harden’s infighting in Houston had gotten so bad that Paul demanded a trade and Harden told management it was “him or me.”

Paul later refuted this report, but since it’s 2019, he didn’t do so through traditional means, like a statement through his agent or some such. No, he responded via Instagram, commenting on Bleacher Report’s post about the rumors with a shrug emoji followed by “Damn! That’s news to me…”

Straight from the horse’s mouth, as they say. It would be a nuclear meltdown of Daryl Morey’s master plan if the allegations proved to be true, especially since Paul was signed to a monstrous extension recently. It’s growing more and more unlikely that it is, however, as Morey himself hopped in to add on to Paul’s comment, and agreed it was news to him as well.

Later that day, Morey directly refuted the report that Paul requested a trade, and said he’s been in contact with both him and Harden about the team’s free agency plans and immediate future. He also emphasized that Harden and Paul don’t have the significant issues between them that were reported.

The situation is worth monitoring. As we all know, Morey is an unpredictable GM and unafraid to make the big moves. We’ll see how it plays out.