Chris Mortensen Is Not the Only NFL Writer Who Has Tweets To Delete


Chris Mortensen recently deleted his 7-month old tweet that claimed the Patriots’ AFC Championship Game footballs were under-inflated. The report was wrong, but the tweet remained up for months. Lots of people are giving Mort a hard time about the tweet, but he’s not the first NFL writer to tweet something he should not have, only to leave it up for further unknown reasons. Like this tweet from Sports Illustrated’s Peter King.

That’s just a picture Peter King snapped of Pro Football Focus writer Neil Hornsby using a urinal at a baseball game. There are a lot of ways you could explain the picture, but at its most simple, a prominent media member took a picture of a bunch of guys without their knowledge or consent while they were going to the bathroom. This picture was taken three years ago. It still exists. It’s a cell phone picture of people using the bathroom.

Personally, I’d rather have Mort say my balls are too small than have Peter King take a picture to prove it.