Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo: Tony Romo Never Shuts Up

SiriusXM Presents A Town Hall With MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred
SiriusXM Presents A Town Hall With MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred / Larry French/Getty Images

The novelty of NFL broadcaster Tony Romo has worn off, but he still seems to be a pretty well-liked voice on CBS broadcasts. One person who is done with Romo and his play-predicting and football-explaining, however, is Chris "Mad Dog" Russo.

Russo, who gets paid to talk about sports all day, doesn't want to hear someone talk about the sports he's watching. Transcription via the New York Post: :

"“I know he’s a PhD in football, I get that. He knows the plays, he’s on top of the sequence,” Russo said Monday on his SiriusXM show. “But every single … he just never shuts up. Poor Nantz, he never gets to do anything. It’s just not a conventional broadcast with him. I don’t want an education, I’m not looking for an education. A little of it, a little is not terrible, but I’m not looking for an education. I’m really not. I’m looking for a sit back, couple of hours and enjoy an NFL football game with a little edification from the broadcasting team. That’s all I’m looking for. “I’m not looking for a situation where I need hour upon hour, every play broken down for 30 seconds. I just don’t need it, and Tony just does not shut up with the games. On and on, I mean, all right, Tony, this guy goes here, he runs here, look at this. ‘They’re gonna run this play now, Jim. Jim, they’re gonna run offside tackle! I promise you. They’re gonna run this tight end here, he’s gonna go there.’ I mean, oh my God. Tony, just let the game breathe just a little.”"

If you're a glutton for punishment, here's the actual audio.

This is just an incredible criticism all around. You've got a sports talk radio host named Mad Dog telling someone to just shut up. He even brings up Romo's playoff record as proof(?) that he shouldn't be talking so much. When you talk sports for a living, you would think some sports education would be valuable.