Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo Went on an Unhinged Rant About Kevin Durant and Load Management

Chris Russo
Chris Russo / Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Kevin Durant did not play on Wednesday night in the second game of a back-to-back for the Brooklyn Nets. Durant just returned from an injury that kept him out for nearly two months, the playoffs are a month away and the Nets are going to host a first round series whether Durant plays again during the regular season or not. The point being, it is no big deal that he didn't play last night. Unless you are a guy like Chris "Mad Dog" Russo who remembers when players played every game no matter what.

WARNING: Please turn your headphones or speakers down before clicking play.

Russo obviously feels very strongly about this. He screamed the names of a bunch of old basketball players who never missed games. (Remember, Michael Jordan taking a year and a half off to play baseball doesn't count against him.) Patrick Ewing played every night and then he iced his knees and he liked it.

Do you think this will go on forever? People getting this worked up about players resting so they don't get hurt? I mean, this year it's even worse with the condensed schedule. Fans and talking heads have spent so much time yelling about how important championships are that there's really no point to the regular season.

As someone who has been around sports for so long, Russo should know that if the Nets owner who is paying Durant $40 million has a problem with how much he is playing or sitting, I'm sure Durant will be traded this offseason for a very nice return. Unless he's OK with a healthy Durant and a top seed in the East. Even if that's not as fun to yell about.