Chris Jericho Talks About How He and Goldberg Hated Each Other in Real-Life


Chris Jericho joined Ric Flair’s CBS podcast this week. During the snippet above, they (well, mostly Jericho) talked about the guest’s feud with Goldberg back in WCW. As Jericho tells it, he did a heel comedy bit where he beat up a little person dressed as Goldberg, or challenged the champion on nights where it was known he wasn’t in the building:

Jericho says that he was okay with losing (“jobbing,” in wrestling terminology) to Goldberg on a PPV, but refused to do so in a squash match on Nitro, Jericho says that he resorted to hiding in the upper deck of the building so they couldn’t make him do it on free TV.

Ric Flair asked about the time Jericho “choked Goldberg out” in real life, but Jericho didn’t really address, but went on to tell the story about how at the culmination of their buildup Goldberg just skipped the PPV.

(On a previous podcast, Jericho finished the story about their real-life fight, which happened when they were both in WWE.)