CNN's Chris Cuomo to Anti-Vax Restaurant Owner: 'You Sound Like an Idiot'


A new I Think You Should Leave character just dropped.

Tony Roman, the owner of Basilico's Pasta e Vino in Huntington Beach who is requiring customers to show proof they haven't been vaccinated, appeared on Chris Cuomo's CNN show Wednesday night and put on a memorable performance. A performance he was very proud of. A performance he bragged about to Laura Ingraham on Fox News shortly after the segment aired. A performance that will challenge both the mind and soul.

"It's an IQ test," Roman told Cuomo. "Like I say to people when they ask me, if they're so blinded with their rage and their hate, I tell them, you know what, if you don't understand it, maybe we should put up a sign that says you're too stupid to come into the restaurant."

The host asked Roman if he and his family were vaccinated. Roman then asked Cuomo if he and his family were vaccinated in some sort of attempted gotcha moment. Honestly, it was difficult to make heads or tails of the whole situation.

Without further ado and explanation, here are the highlights/lowlights:

There are plenty of people on both the right and left who can find a way to roll their eyes at Cuomo. But one would be hard-pressed to find a worse target to try to outsmart, own, or outmaneuver on live television. Say what you want about him, one must acknowledge he's one of the most unflappable and adroit operators not just in news, but anywhere. Meanwhile, Roman's hubris was operating at max capacity.

We're beginning to sound like a broken record over here but it bears occasional repeating. The news is weird. Just when you think you've seen it all, a character like Tony Roman appears on the scene and challenges all boundaries.