Chris Christie Has Audition to Potentially Replace Mike Francesa on WFAN Next Week


Chris Christie was named as a potential replacement for Mike Francesa as far back as February, and next week he will sit in at WFAN for two days in the afternoon drive spot while the Pope is on his third straight week of vacation. WFAN’s schedule for next week notes that Christie will be hosting from 2-6 p.m. alongside Evan Roberts on Monday and Tuesday.

By many accounts, when Christie has had guest spots on WFAN in the past he has come off as knowledgeable, charismatic, and even charming. That being said, his approval rating as New Jersey governor, affected most notably by the infamous bridge closure scandal and most recently privately sunbathing on a public beach he closed, has plummeted all the way down to 15%.

Francesa, whose final show at WFAN is set to air on December 15th, has fallen off big in terms of the quality of his show in recent years, but he still maintains a legion of a loyal audience. It would not be surprising if there are a lot of longtime WFAN listeners who, between losing Francesa and a personal animus for Christie, would abandon the station if Christie got the gig in a full-time capacity. It would, at the very least, be a profoundly big risk to roll the dice on him. There must be a safer choice.

We’ll see what happens Monday and Tuesday next week, and go from there.

[H/T Matt Katz]