Chris Broussard Says Something He Definitely Shouldn't Have, Immediately Regrets It


On Tuesday's episode of First Things First, co-host Chris Broussard really stepped in it. During a discussion about the Los Angeles Clippers acquiring James Harden, Broussard said something he definitely shouldn't have and very quickly had to apologize for.

Broussard was arguing with fellow panelist Nick Wright about Harden's usage and playing style with the Clippers and dropped the R-word, which is a definite no-no.


The look on host Kevin Wildes' face after Broussard said it conveyed exactly what the rest of us were thinking. The man was just trying to foster a discussion about the big NBA news of the day and got caught up in this mess.

Broussard appeared to quickly realize he had said something wrong and attempted to a course correction by saying he had a cousin who was developmentally disabled. I'm not sure if that made it OK in his mind or where, exactly he was going with that.

It's been a long time since I've heard that word on TV and it's definitely something that we all long ago agreed wasn't appropriate.