Chris Broussard Apologizes For Faulty Mark Cuban Reporting

By Mike Cardillo

Chris Broussard vs. Mark Cuban has been a story since late Wednesday night when the ESPN basketball insider tweeted out that the Dallas Mavericks owner was driving around texting people looking for DeAndre Jordan’s home address — which was hard to believe on a number of levels. Since then the two have gone back and forth. Thursday Cuban issued a $100,000 challenge for charity to Broussard and clarified his end again Friday via Cyber Dust.

Broussard offered up a mea culpa on Twitter Friday afternoon, admitting he should have “should have attempted to contact Mark Cuban before reporting.”

The full statement from Brousard appeared on TwitLonger:

Maybe this puts an end to the epic July 2015 Cuban-Broussard feud?

From here, let’s see if ESPN takes any action. It’s not a good look when your purported insider/expert is getting called out publicly by a team owner. Whatever credibility Broussard had left in the eyes of the public probably has gone down the drain as a result of this.

Suffice to say, this hasn’t been a good week for Broussard.

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