Chris Broussard: Aaron Rodgers Is Just Too Cool

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

After a long offseason of tension, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers laid an egg in Week 1 against the New Orleans Saints. Shocking five-touchdown losses have been few and far between for quarterback and franchise alike, so it feels as though we're all exploring some uncharted ground. Postgame commentary from Rodgers included an admission that he played poorly and the necessary perspective that this is only one of 17 scheduled games. The future Hall of Famer delivered these thoughts calmly and coolly while looking like Mac's dad from Always Sunny.

It would have been a bit bizarre if the man famous for telling Packers fans and the world at large to R-E-L-A-X had freaked out at the microphone and proclaimed the end was nigh. Imagine if he'd gone out there with some hyperbole about how the season is now in peril and he won't sleep until Green Bay enacts sure vengeance on Detroit on Monday night. Or been uncharacteristically angry about losing on opening day. That would have been surprising.

In short, Rodgers acted how he has always acted during his 17-year NFL career. He's not going to go through the performative histrionics because he understands that they are meaningless. So if you need those from him, you're barking up the wrong tree and that should have long ago been abundantly clear.

Chris Broussard sees things a bit differently. Here he is on this morning's First Things First stating that he needs more urgency, energy, and fire from Rodgers.

Everyone's mileage varies. Broussard will probably be waiting in vain forever on Rodgers to affect the full Tim Tebow after a loss routine at the podium. If anything it's just another reminder how often our athletes are in a no-win situation. They can say the right things the wrong way. In that way it's like a marriage, with the only difference being it's between one person and hundreds of millions of observers with uniquely different viewpoints and feelings.

Can't please them all.