Chinese Baseball: Manager Bumps Umpire, Umpire Puts Hand on Manager's Throat

Stephen Douglas

Chinese Professional Baseball League action got heated yesterday when an umpire started ejecting and choking people. This comes from a game between the EDA Rhinos (This is the team Manny Ramirez played with earlier this year.) and the Brother Elephants. The pitcher for the EDA Rhinos appears to get thrown out for throwing the ball over the plate on a pitch out – though he never seems to leave the game.

This brings out the manager and his translator. The English-speaking umpire tells them he is turning his back, but the manager and translator do not return to the dugout so the umpire tosses one or both of them. Mr. manager then gives Mr. Umpire a comical bump and Mr. Umpire responds by putting his hand on Mr. Manager’s throat. The next few minutes are a mess of players and umpires arguing while Mr. Umpire wanders around on the field. In the end, only the manager exits, but I have a feeling the umpire won’t be working another game anytime soon.