Jay Williams and Keyshawn Johnson Skillfully Predict Immediate Problems, Perfection for the Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Now that we know the order of the games NFL teams will play in the fall, we can embark on the important work of predicting each and every game. The day after the league's schedule release is one of the better days on the calendar for sports radio because there are simply so many ways to slice up the content pie. What is the league trying to say about Aaron Rodgers' future in Green Bay with all the primetime games? Isn't early October the PERFECT time for Tom Brady to return to Foxborough? The possibilities really are endless.

The crew over at Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin decided to pull on a Kansas City Chiefs thread this morning, at one point predicting when the team would lose its first game. Jay Williams did the classic move where he picked Week 1 to be early, only to be one-upped in takeness by Keyshawn Johnson, who surveyed the board and came up with the NFL's first 17-0 regular season.

Expertly done. Especially since Johnson was adamant about how hard it would be for Kansas City to go undefeated last year.

What does any of this mean? Only that they're going to hell of a show after that Browns-Chiefs game out of the gate. Someone is going to be looking pretty smart.