Chiefs All-Pro DT Chris Jones Posting Through His Holdout

Chris Jones
Chris Jones / David Eulitt/GettyImages

The first game of the regular season is approaching swiftly and the Kansas City Chiefs are still without their best defensive player. All-Pro DT Chris Jones refused to show up to camp earlier this month because he wants a new contract. To this point, the Chiefs have not given him one. This does not feel like a particularly combative holdout like we've seen in the past, but it is still ongoing and that's a big problem for Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes is obviously their most important player but Jones is not far behind.

For his part, Jones is happily posting through his holdout. He seems unbothered by the fact that he might miss regular season games and is instead tweeting out Live Laugh Love thoughts, like today.

This has been par for the course for Jones this month. He sent out a meme about his own holdout over the weekend.

Jones' activity on his social accounts actually proved insightful on Tuesday as he responded to a follower that he will return in Week 8.

It's unclear if Jones is saying he is willing to wait until Week 8 to get his money or if he's coming back Week 8 no matter what. According to this follow-up tweet the former feels more likely.

Jones is settling in for the long haul here. If it does come to a half-season holdout, KC has a fairly manageable schedule; they only play three playoff teams in the first eight weeks but square off against Aaron Rodgers in Week 4 and a popular Detroit Lions squad to open the year. Having their best defender for those games would be mighty helpful.

I'd say we're about two weeks out from Jones detailing the specifics of his demands on social media. Let us all hope it gets there because that is always tremendous content.