Colin Cowherd Would Like to See the NFL Delay Chiefs-Bills Until Patrick Mahomes Can Play

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Everyone already knows that the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs will play on Sunday afternoon with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. What Colin Cowherd presupposes is: what if they didn't? What if the NFL, noticing that Patrick Mahomes is a bit banged-up, took the unprecedented and highly controversial step of delaying the game until the reigning Super Bowl MVP is healthy enough to play? What if they did that, a thing they could do?

Awful Announcing grabbed the clip. I'll be more fair than most people are being online because I don't know what he said after this. Perhaps he was answering his own why not question with any number of the reasons why not.

By this logic, you could argue that the Kansas City-Cleveland game should have been paused the moment Mahomes went out with an injury. People wanted to see Mahomes-Mayfield, not Henne-Mayfield. We'd still be waiting on resumption of that contest. The AFC Championship Game would not yet be scheduled. The whole Super Bowl plan would already be wildly out of whack.

What's the downside of delaying pointlessly as a pandemic rips through the country and could sideline an NFL team for weeks at any point, you ask? Well, the answer is right there in the question.

Cowherd is simply the best at solo radio because he says stuff like this and it draws interest in his show, and it's always helpful to understand that everything he does is all part of a larger plan.

The funniest part, of course, is that he's out here tossing out the idea that the CBS game should be moved from its spot, not the one on Fox, which is surely merely a coincidence.