Andy Reid Could Retire After Super Bowl

Andy Reid
Andy Reid / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs are appearing in their third Super Bowl in four years and there does not appear to be an end in sight in regards to their championship contention status. Patrick Mahomes turned 27 years-old and took home his second MVP trophy this year. He's under contract for the better part of the next decade. As long as the Chiefs have Mahomes under center, they'll always be in the running for the Super Bowl.

But Andy Reid's offensive genius goes a long way towards ensuring Mahomes' talent is utilized to the maximum. Reid is 64 years-old and has been coaching since he graduated college in 1981. It's been a long time. As such, it probably should not surprise anybody that Reid told Jay Glazer he will have to think about whether he'll return to the sidelines next year.

Of all the coaches around Reid's age he seems the best-suited to retirement. Can you imagine Bill Belichick sitting by the beach, completely relaxed, for most of the year? No. Nobody can. But that feels like Reid's natural environment. An ideal state of being. Football is Reid's craft and he is damn good at it but he's the rare coach who is open about there being things he cares about outside of the game. Like hamburgers and steaks. It would be fitting, too, if Reid were to walk away after defeating his old franchise in the Super Bowl.

Still, this came out of nowhere and is a surprise to just about everybody outside the Chiefs building. We'll see if this ends up like the Aaron Donald "retirement" story where Reid gets a big raise to stick around for another few years.