Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times Both Used "Lambeau Bleep" Headline

Ryan Glasspiegel


It’s still a little bit hard for me to process the extent to which the Packers dismantled the Bears Sunday night. I can’t ever recall a time where a game shifted from rooting for the team to score to having the primary objective be that nobody gets injured by midway through the second quarter, but that’s what the case was. If anything it was more of a blowout than the 55-14 final score would indicate.

What a Bears fan really could not stomach last night was that it seems like the team has quit on Trestman. It’s one thing to go and get blown out, but it’s another to wholly concede the fight before it’s even halftime. Chicago was coming off a bye, and should have been rested and hungry for their biggest rival, but that obviously wasn’t the case. This team isn’t very good in general right now, but they’ve essentially been a disaster against Green Bay since Brett Favre became the team’s starting quarterback. The Packers are 32-11 against the Bears since 1994, and have taken nine of the last 10. I can’t even fathom how I’d feel as a fan to be on the opposite end of that stretch.


For the Packers’ part, as good as they looked last night they still have a lot of work to do. If the playoffs began today, they’d be out. It seems right now that a team or two would miss the postseason from the NFC with a 10-6 record. In the division, the Lions are 7-2 and haven’t shown any signs of letting up, and seem like they are much more disciplined under Jim Caldwell than Jim Schwartz. Interesting times we’re living in.

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