Chicago Sun-Times Gives Bears All the Fs

Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears organization and its fans did not know ahead of time that this season would be an unmitigated disaster. Three losses and a host of off-the-field nastiness in, only the most optimistic would think there are going to be many silver linings and the only robust debate left is if Justin Fields is the long-term answer or if it's time for another all-out tank.

Yesterday in Kansas City the Bears served as a punching bag for Patrick Mahomes & Co. in the form of a 41-0 debacle. Travis Kelce was so confident that things would be a breeze that he invited his new beau to come check things out — like a weekend warrior would do with a bottom-tier rec league softball league. Fields was under constant pressure and the offensive unit was a disaster. The special teams were far from special.

In short, everyone sucked.

The Chicago Sun-Times, which has been grading out each Bears performance for as long as I can remember, had to deliver the hard truth and a big red pen in the hand of Mark Potash. And they did, giving F's across the board with no phase of the game spared or shown mercy.

Quarterback? F. Running backs? F. Offensive line? F. Defensive line? F. Secondary? F. Special teams? F.

Eff. Eff. Eff.

Solid objective journalism still exists.