Chicago Bears Cannot Afford to Bring Back Matt Nagy

Matt Nagy
Matt Nagy / Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears' season ended ignominiously yet again this year as they fell to the New Orleans Saints in the first round of the NFC playoffs by the score of 21-9. It was the type of loss that has become a constant in Chicago; the defense kept them in the game, but complete ineptitude offensively sunk them. Mitchell Trubisky's mini-resurgence in the last month and a half of this season was fun, but the Saints' defense reminded us all that Trubisky is a replacement-level quarterback at best.

Halfway through the season, it felt inevitable that this current version of the Bears, led by Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace, was over and done. Then Trubisky was given the starting job again and ripped off just enough wins for his team to squeak into the playoffs. A postseason appearance is certainly better than the alternative, but it does not mean the Bears have a winning combination in their leadership positions. They shouldn't bring back Trubisky and need to seriously consider whether or not Pace deserves another season. At the very least, they can't afford to bring back Nagy as head coach next year.

Nagy was supposed to be an offensive guru when Chicago poached him from Andy Reid's coaching staff in Kansas City ahead of the 2018 season. But as pointed out in an article found on this here website written back in November, Nagy has been anything but after his first season as head coach; Chicago finished 25th in yards per game this season after ranking 29th last season. Even the last time the Bears managed to qualify for the postseason, Nagy engineered an offense good for 20th in yards per game. Not exactly eye-popping numbers, especially for a head coach whose speciality is offense.

The Bears can't afford to give him another season. They need to consider it a lost cause. Because every other part of the team outside quarterback is playoff-worthy, if not championship-worthy. The defense remains stellar, holding the Saints to only 21 points on Sunday despite missing their leader (and best player not named Khalil Mack) in Roquan Smith. The receiving corps is actually decent, led by Allen Robinson. David Montgomery was more important than Trubisky was to their playoff push, with monster game after monster game on the ground.

The franchise has already wasted two years of an elite defense by putting their faith in the Trubisky-Nagy combo. They can't get those years back but they can try to salvage the last few. Moving on from Trubisky would help, yes, but even he might be fine next year with someone else at the helm. The Bears need a head coach who can maximize the defensive potential and permit Trubisky or Nick Foles or whoever is under center next year to simply do just enough.

Nagy tried and he failed. The Bears have seen what mediocrity looks like over the last three seasons, and it is frustrating. They have the talent for more. It's time to start fresh and find a coach who can lead them down that path, because right now, he isn't in the building.