Chess Grandmaster Busted Cheating by Hiding Cell Phone in Bathroom Stall

By Jason McIntyre
Apr 13, 2015, 2:16 PM EDT

This is next-level cheating in chess: Hiding a cell phone in a bathroom stall, and during a match repeatedly going to the bathroom to cheat thanks to a chess iphone app. Did Gaoiz Nigalidze, the current Georgian chess champion, just watch the Godfather or something?

Via the Daily Telegraph:

"Tournament officials found Nigalidze had hidden a mobile phone in a cubicle, covered in toilet paper. “Nigalidze would promptly reply to my moves and then literally run to the toilet. “I noticed that he would always visit the same toilet partition, which was strange, since two other partitions weren’t occupied. “I informed the chief arbiter about my growing suspicions and asked him to keep an eye on Gaioz. “After my opponent left the very toilet partition yet another time, the arbiters entered it. “What they found was the mobile phone with headphones; the device was hidden behind the pan and covered with toilet paper.”"

Should Nigalidze be stripped of his Grandmaster title? I can’t imagine he keeps it after this embarrassing scandal.

When officials asked Nigalidze about the cheating, he denied the phone being his … except the phone was still logged into one of his social media accounts, and he was busted immediately. [via the Daily Telegraph]

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