Chelsea Gray Threw One of the Best Behind-the-Back Passes You Will Ever See

Indiana Fever v Las Vegas Aces
Indiana Fever v Las Vegas Aces / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

The Las Vegas Aces beat the Indiana Fever, 101-88, on Saturday night. Chelsea Gray had 13 points and 12 assists as the Aces improved to 12-1 on the season. Late in the game Gray had one of the most ridiculous assists you will ever see, going behind her back to A'ja Wilson for a layup.

It's not just that this was behind the back, it's the angle and place on the floor when she throws it. Wilson deserves special praise for even catching that pass. Based on where Gray was looking when she threw it, you wouldn't have blamed Wilson if she took her eye off her point guard and headed to the corner while the ball sailed past her head.

But she didn't. And Gray somehow put it on the money from out near the logo to perfectly lead a teammate running away from her across the lane. It's honestly hard to describe the physics of this pass. Not to mention the confidence you need in yourself and your teammate to even try this. That's why she's third in the WNBA in assists.

No wonder the Aces have the best record in the WNBA this season. With their only loss coming to the second best team.