Chase Young on Missing OTAs to Shoot Commercials: 'I Was Making Money, Baby'

Chase Young
Chase Young / Justin Tafoya/GettyImages

Chase Young's sophomore season has been disappointing through eight games. The second overall pick of the 2020 NFL Draft has only 1.5 sacks this season, and his difficulty getting to the quarterback has just been the cherry on top of the bad sundae from Spongebob that has been the Washington Football Team's defense this year. Pegged as one of the league's most dangerous units in the preseason, WFT hasn't been able to stop anybody from doing anything.

Sacks are a tricky measurement of how effective pass-rushers are, but Young looked ready to be counted among the very best at the position after a rookie season that saw him tally 7.5 sacks and 10 QB hits. Whether it's the extra attention being diverted his way or the poor showing from the secondary that allows quarterbacks to get the ball out quickly, Young just hasn't been as effective this year. A reporter asked him if missing OTAs to film commercials has contributed to his slow start, and Young had a very good answer.

Young should make that money! The average NFL career only lasts three years. Young seems set to play for a long time, but anything can happen, and NFL contracts are not fully guaranteed. He should capitalize on his starpower while it's there, because it can be taken away with one bad twist of the knee.

Besides, plenty of players blow off OTAs. "Optional" is in the name. Young's slow start has nothing to do with it.