Chase Claypool Boldly Talks Trash About Browns One Day After Playoff Beatdown

Chase Claypool
Chase Claypool / Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns whooped the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL playoffs last night. That is, in fact, a real thing that happened. The Browns were up 28-0 in the first quarter. Even if Pittsburgh managed to make it a bit close near the end, it is the worst possible ending to their season any Yinzer could have thought of. Starting 11-0 to the season, then falling apart down the stretch, and losing to not only a divisional foe but the woebegone Browns to end the season?

Horrifying for the Steelers. Great content for everyone else. Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool, though, does not seem to be taking things very well. After his team's season ended, Claypool went on the internet and talked trash.

Y'know, I will say that it takes quite a bit of courage to log on and say that after catching five passes for 59 yards and two garbage time touchdowns while losing 48-37 to a division rival.

Talking trash is all well and good before the game, but any post-game extracurriculars like this makes one come across like a sore loser. Your team lost! It happens! No need to try to make up for it by saying they'll get "clapped" in their next game. That's still one more game than Claypool is playing this year, even if his prediction comes to fruition.

It's just lame. Don't be lame, kids. Take your medicine when your team gets beat down and plan your revenge the next time everyone is on the field.