Charlie Weis Had Underling Intimidate Critical Kansas Student Reporter [UPDATE]


Charlie Weis’ tinpot dictatorship continues to create headlines. Last week an article in KU’s Daily Kansan miffed the notable coach. This week he retaliated. The author of the article, Blake Schuster, was not banned from Weis’ press conference, but he was pulled aside by Kansas’ director of football communications and warned there might be “a change of tone” should he decide to ask a question. No other reporters were similarly warned. Schuster opted not to ask a question.

Schuster saw it is an attempt to silence him. The director of football communications, Katy Lonergan described the altercation as follows.

"“I just simply advised him that if he did ask questions, he should be prepared for any kind of tone in his answer,” she said. She said the goal of the meeting was to make Schuster not feel uncomfortable during the press conference. She said she warned Schuster to “be prepared for a possible change in tone.”"

Nothing more pressing after a 40-point rivalry loss than trying to bully a student? Such a person would have to be petty…smug..essentially Charlie Weis. Even buying the transparent official line, this would be Kansas preempting a student/reporter from legitimate behavior because Charlie Weis, a seven-figure earning adult, could not be relied on to keep decorum in public. At least Lane Kiffin and Jim L. Mora pick on adults. We’re hoping the Daily Kansan will retort with a feature on wasteful spending within the athletic department.

Worth Noting:  Kansas is 0-4 vs. FBS and has two Big 12 wins since 2008.

UPDATE: Weis pulled a similar stunt with two South Bend Tribune reporters at Notre Dame in 2006, after the paper published a critical series on the recruitment of Jimmy Clausen.

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