Charlie Villanueva Says He Was Conned Out of $250k by Former UConn Player Tate George

By Jason McIntyre

Charlie Villanueva, a former UConn star now with the NBA’s Detroit Pistons, testified in court Tuesday that he was swindled out of $250,000 by another former Huskie, Tate George, in an elaborate ponzi scheme. George, who in 1990 hit one of the most famous shots in UConn history, is on trial for wire fraud that netted him $2 million.

Here’s how George reeled in Villanueva in 2010, right after he had signed a $30 million contract with the Pistons. From the Trentonian:

"He testified under questioning by Assistant U.S. Attorney Zach Intrater that he liked the idea of investing in Bridgeport as a way of giving back to the community. Villanueva was promised the return of his $250,000, a profit of $37,500 and two percent on the gross for years to come; maybe more than $2 million. He never saw a dime."

This story is a headline writer’s dream, with one Connecticut player conning another, but it’s no joke to Villanueva, who told the paper after exiting the courtroom: “That could have gone to my son’s education.” [via Trentonian]

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