Charley Casserly on Kyler Murray: Leadership and Study Habits 'Not Good'


Charley Casserly, the former GM of the Washington Redskins and Houston Texans and current NFL Network analyst, did not come away from the NFL Combine with a favorable impression of Kyler Murray. According to Casserly, multiple teams expressed concerns about Murray coming out of the interview portion of the Combine.

According to Casserly, “[t]his was not good. These were the worst comments I ever got on a high-rated quarterback and I’ve been doing this a long time. Leadership–not good. Study habits–not good. The board work–below not good. Not good at all in any of those areas, raising major concerns about what this guy is going to do … This guy is not outstanding in those areas and it showed up in the interview.”

These, of course, are the opinions of perhaps a couple of team sources that could be feeding information to poison the well. But Murray did give an interview to Dan Patrick a few weeks ago and it qualified as a disaster where Murray didn’t seem prepared to answer obvious questions. So it is possible that his demeanor or presentation skills came off poorly in meetings with a few teams.

It will be interesting to see the counter-response to this. I would expect to hear from Lincoln Riley very soon.