Charles Woodson Was So Much Fun to Watch

Ryan Glasspiegel

Charles Woodson announced tonight that he will be retiring at the end of the season. While sometimes farewell tours can be tiresome and the media coverage over-the-top, Woodson’s two-week good-bye will be worthwhile and deserved. With five interceptions this season, he’s still a viable player, so as these things go (we saw murmurs about Steve Smith just this week) there’s not a one-thousand percent chance we’ve seen the last of him.

I had the privilege of watching Woodson closely during his seven seasons with the Packers, which came between his 11 combined years in Oakland. There was a quiet gracefulness about him, and he had such a matter-of-fact nose for snatching or punching the ball away. He was one of those players who, especially the season he won Defensive Player of the Year, was so everywhere that it felt like having two guys (some language NSFW in background music):

Woodson is now tied for fifth in all-time return touchdowns by a non-offensive player with 13. It would be great to see one more for old time’s sake in the next couple weeks.