Charles Woodson and Justin Tuck Said They Would Have Fought Sio Moore if the Raiders Lost


By now, you’ve seen the end of the Raiders game, where they won the internet while also winning the game, by almost getting penalized for being offside with a lengthy sack celebration on third down, as the Chiefs scrambled to get the play off with the clock running. Sio Moore and Khalil Mack, two good young players for the Raiders, were celebrating almost 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage, as veteran Justin Tuck called a timeout. Tuck’s timeout avoided an offsides penalty, and a free play for Kansas City going 11 v. 9 on a key fourth down (though it would likely have been blown dead once they were running toward Smith with no one else between them).

What did veterans like Charles Woodson think of the play? Marcus Thompson has the locker room exchanges following that, and it is every bit as great as you might imagine. First, it starts with Moore going over to Tuck in the locker room, and unbelievably, telling him not to scream at him again like that.

Moore: “Don’t you ever scream at me like that again.”

Tuck: “I wanted to fight you. No, I did. I wanted to fight you. You know how your brother starts a fight and comes and gets you and its six guys waiting to fight? And you don’t want to fight them, you just want to fight the brother that got you in this mess? That’s how I was. I wanted to fight you, not them.”

Later, Charles Woodson came over.

Woodson: “Man, what heeeeell was y’all doing?!?”

Moore’s head drops as he smiles.

Woodson: “What the hell was y’all doing?”

Tuck: “Did you see me? I (wanted) to punch them right in the face.”

Moore: We was doing the handshake.

Woodson: FOR TEN MINUTES????

Moore: For seven minutes, yes.

Moore did get in a good line after that, “You know how they say act like you’ve been there before? I haven’t!” Woodson then told him, ”You better be glad we won or we would’ve been fighting.”