TNT Forced Charles Barkley To Watch Another Warriors Game and He Hated It As Usual

Charles Barkley and Stephen Curry
Charles Barkley and Stephen Curry / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors blew out the Dallas Mavericks on TNT on Thursday night, 147-116. The Warriors made 22 of 43 three point attempts. Dallas made 20 of 50. Charles Barkley enjoyed approximately none of this. At halftime he broke it down like this.

""Ya'll sit there and watch this stupid ass basketball. Just jack up threes all night. If they go in we win. We miss they lose. Give me a break, you dumb asses." "

I mean, this is just the sports ball meme. This is exactly what someone would say about basketball if they did not like basketball. You throw the ball at the hoop and if it goes in you win. You have to feel for Barkley. He is forced to visit the TNT studio two to three nights a week and watch something he so clearly dislikes. And all he gets is a large amount of money to do so. He just has to sit there and watch all these guys destroy the beautiful game he once played.

This has been going on for years. In 2016 he was complaining about the Warriors playing "little girly basketball" as they continually tried to outscore their opponents. It's been more than four years and teams are still trying to put the ball in the basket and he still dislikes it. When will they stop letting the team that scores more points win???

Of course, as I pointed out in 2016, Barkley is a huge hypocrite who was a pioneer when it came to shooting way too many three pointers. He is the worst shooter in the history of basketball to ever attempt 2,000 three pointers in his career. Yet he continues to criticize something he would absolutely be doing if he played today.