Charles Barkley Threatens to Beat Up Stephen A. Smith During ESPN-TNT Crossover Event


The NBA In-Season Tournament semifinals are underway Thursday night, with both TNT and ESPN on hand in Las Vegas for a crossover broadcast. That means the Inside the NBA crew and ESPN's NBA Countdown were on-hand, including Stephen A. Smith. It didn't take long for Charles Barkley to go at Stephen A., threatening to give him his "first ass whipping." People understandably loved it.

Check this out:

"This ain't First Take" is just an amazing line. Barkley absolutely lived up to the moment there, calling out Smith's "Loud ass talking."

I also love how Stephen A. was laughing as hard as anyone. The fact that he had a sense of humor about it made the whole thing that much better.

It was a fantastic idea for TNT and ESPN to do a crossover there. NBA Countdown and Inside the NBA are both excellent shows with great personalities. Putting them in the same place and allowing some interplay was great for the audience.