Charles Barkley Shares More Thoughts on the "Big-Ass Women" of San Antonio

Kyle Koster

It’s against the code of most medical ethics to diagnose from afar. That said, I am genuinely curious what a team of psychologists would have to say about Charles Barkley’s apparent obsession with the women of San Antonio.

He broached the topic once again during TNT’s broadcast of a Houston-Utah playoff game that had very little to do with ladies living on the banks of the Rio Grande.

Here are some of Barkley’s previous thoughts on the issue.

Simply amazing.

Now to be fair, if there’s a person out there qualified out there to fat shame, it’s definitely the guy who was nicknamed the Round Mound of Rebound back in his playing days — when he was a good 50-60 pounds lighter than he is now.

Barkley is flirting with disaster in the year 2019. It’s only a matter of time until the backlash rains down. As a neutral party, it’s hard to know what to root for here. On one hand he should probably stop while he’s ahead, but on the other it’d be fantastic to watch a forced apology on the topic. So maybe continuing to triple-down is the way to go.

One thing’s for sure. Barkley’s lucky those Pace Picante salsa guys aren’t around anymore. They’d have kicked his ass for besmirching the good name of San Antonio on first offense.