Charles Barkley Says His Former Friend Tiger Woods Isn't "a Very Sociable Guy"

By Stephen Douglas

Tiger Woods is not great at friendship according to Charles Barkley. Or enjoying life. Or anything besides golf really. Barkley recently appeared on the Mike Missanelli Show on 97.5 FM The Fanatic in Philadelphia and talked about his former friend. Via the Golf Channel:

"“Well I think that when you’re as great as he has been, and this probably is a negative at some point, like he was so consumed with being the greatest golfer ever, he wasn’t a very sociable guy. Even when was a friend of mine, he wasn’t a very sociable guy. He just had a one-track mind. He just wanted to break Jack Nicklaus’ record.”"

One-track mind, eh? Apparently, Barkley and Woods fell out after the whole scandal thing in 2009. Barkley thinks Tiger needs to sit back and enjoy life.

"“Golf is just a game. Your life don’t suck. … But I think when you put yourself in that situation where your whole life revolves around how you’re doing on a golf course, you’re gonna develop a negative attitude to a certain degree, instead of saying, ‘I’ve actually got it pretty good.’"

If anyone knows about not letting your golf play ruin your life, it is Charles Barkley. [story Golf Channel, image via Getty]

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